Chatbots and Maternal and Child Health

In this webinar we take a look at the use of chatbots in maternal and child health  from multiple perspectives.

The first panelist is Katherine Wilson from University of Cape Town (South Africa) who will be presenting insights from ParentChat that is part of a Parenting for Lifelong Health Digital (PLH Digital) project, which aims to convert the evidence-based, in-person version of Parenting for Lifelong Health for parents into a digital format.  different methods from her projects on infant feeding, pregnancy and motherhood.

Next we will hear from Claudia Morgado from Aurora for families  (Portugal) who will be talking about her experiences during the design and use of Aurora, an automated conversational system (a chatbot) to help families to deal with their doubts about pregnancy and small children development like breastfeeding and sleep.

Our last speaker is Anne Nyanchoka from Nivi who will be talking about her experiences with askNivi , an interactive chat service available through Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp for free. AskNivi makes it simple for men, women, and youth to explore and learn about key health topics on sexual health to gain general knowledge or specific actionable guidance. In her talk, Anne would focus on how do we engage pregnant women at scale. 

 There will be ample time for discussion and questions from the audience.

Webinar Details

Wed, 22nd September 2021

14.00-15.00 SAST (UTC+2)
13.00-14.00 BST



  • Katherine Wilson, University of Cape Town, South Africa
  • Claudia Morgado, Aurora for families, Portugal
  • Anne Nyanchoka, Nivi, Kenya


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katherine wilson

Katherine Wilson

Katherine is a shape-shifter who flits between a variety of different worlds. I work as a Communications and Marketing Manager for the Science Faculty at the University of Cape Town and am currently doing a Masters in Psychology, focusing on digital parenting programmes. I have worked as a school counsellor with teenager, families and parents and in a previous life was a weapon’s analyst in the Navy.
I have a passion for enhancing communication between people and an interest in mothering, motherhood and the ways in which communities support (or don’t) and empower mothers in the critical role that they play in raising children, our future leaders and innovators. I am interested in how we can use tech and social media to set up communities of support where it is needed most.
When I am not working and studying, I can be found outdoors running, cycling or hiking.

Claudia Morgado

Claudia Morgado

Claudia has a Master in Pharmaceutical Sciences and an Advanced Course in Pediatrics. She is recognized by the WHO as a Breastfeeding Consultant and a Certified Trainer. She is the founder of Aurora for families,  an automated conversational system (a chatbot) designed to help families to deal with their doubts about pregnancy and small children development issues like breastfeeding and sleep, for example. While developing aurora we found that people were more at ease with automated systems than with other people to help them out. Aurora is today a reference in support of families and as social entrepreneurship example. Currently focused on Sleep and Breastfeeding, but with a much broader vision of the future, Aurora asks for a reference to support parents throughout their journey.


Anne NyanchokaAnne is a Marketing expert with a communications degree from The University of Nairobi, Marketing certification from The Chartered Institute of Marketing, UK and certification from Facebook and Google. Anne has over 6 years experience in using digital and other marketing strategies for brand equity and user growth for startups and scale-ups. She specializes in rapid testing and creative strategies for growth. At Nivi, Anne supports and advises Nivi’s customers and partners to build successful marketing strategies as well as builds Nivi’s product askNivi to be a powerful health marketing tool for customers. 

Nivi is a digital health company with a mission to enable every person to realize their own aspirations for better health. We accomplish this through a relentless focus on providing on-demand, trusted, and actionable health information that enables every individual to take more informed and supported decisions about their health.