Webinar: Digitization and the Road to Health Booklet

Wednesday 17 March 2021
2-3pm SAST | 12-1p GMT/UTC

The Road to Health booklet plays a key role in tracking baby development, and is an important educational resource for new parents.  In this webinar we take a look at the RHB from multiple perspectives, with an eye towards where digitization might or might not play a role in achieving similar goals.

The first panelist is Wiedaad Slemming (WITS) as a designer/implementer. Next we will hear from Ann Bullen and Faizah Toefy from Bhabhisana Baby Project about how it’s used to support BBP consultations, and finally we will hear from Martin Weiss, about Jembi’s implementation of the android app.  There will be ample time for discussion and questions from the audience.

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Nurse and mother looking at the road to health booklet

“Every great design begins with an even better story”
— Lorindo Mamo, designer

More info about the Road to Health Booklet   
Western Cape Government Press Release (image source)
The Digital Road to Health Project


Wiedaad Slemming

University of Witwatersrand

Dr Wiedaad Slemming is a senior lecturer in the Division of Community Paediatrics at the University of the Witwatersrand. Her role comprises undergraduate and postgraduate health
science education (including undergraduate and specialist medical training) and curriculum development, research and technical advisory work in the field of maternal and child health,
early childhood development and childhood disability.
She currently serves on a number of maternal and child health technical advisory groups and
steering committees at national and international level. Her particular areas of expertise and
research include child health and nutrition, early childhood development, child disability and
health systems strengthening.
She was part of the team that was responsible for the development of the new Road to Health
Book and the accompanying national under-5 Side-by-Side campaign and remains involved
in supporting the implementation of these.

Ann Bullen
Faizah Toefy

Bhabhisana Baby Project

The Bhabhisana Baby Project is based in the Western Cape, South Africa, and was established in August 2015 by highly skilled therapists who recognised the need to help babies who come from undeserved communities with early intervention during the critical 1 000-day period. Our two multidisciplinary teams – each consisting of a physiotherapist, occupational therapist, and a speech and language therapist – treat babies (0–2) in an interdisciplinary fashion to develop their gross and fine motor skills, communication and language skills, self-help skills and social skills. In addition, we do capacity-building for doctors, nurses and therapists.

Martin Weiss

Jembi Health Systems

Jembi Health Systems was founded in 2009 with a handful of passionate people led by Professor Chris Seebregts. Jembi has grown to over 150 driven people in 2019. As an African not-for-profit, Jembi strives to improve global health by developing information systems, growing partnerships and building local capacity. They specialise in digital health information systems for African low-resource settings and focus on enterprise software and facility hardware.